Poverty and World Hunger

If poverty in the world today is not fought against, then you can be very sure that in the coming years, so many people will be dying of hunger. This has already started and already people have been reported to have died for lack of food. However, you will be shocked to realize that lack of food is not the cause of world hunger. The mere truth is that the main cause of world hunger is poverty. People cannot be able to work efficiently without food because they will have poor health and lack energy. On the other hand, people cannot buy food without money. Thus, ending poverty would mean ending the world hunger. According to research conducted by the United Nations, about 925 million people in the world are starving. To prove to you that poverty is the cause of world hunger, 98 percent of the people who are undernourished in the whole world come from the developing countries. In this speech, I look forward to outline the causes of poverty and how poverty can be fought in order to end the world hunger. Both the government and the people should contribute to this issue, since it is a global aspect.
The world poverty is a contraversial issue in the world today. You must be aware that while some people are lacking the very basic needs including food, other people have plenty and even some food go to waste. When you move to some of the supermarkets and retail shops foodstuffs are exceeding expirely dates since there are no consumers while in other parts of the world, people are going for weeks without food. How could you explain this phenomenon? Let me give you some facts about poverty. In 2008, about 1.29 billion people lived in absolute poverty and the number has exceedingly increased over the years. Everyone can bear me witness that with the growing trends in development, the world is able to eliminate poverty and is able to provide for everyone with the basic needs they require, and through this, we would be ending the world hunger (Shah).
In this issue, the first main point I am going to talk about will be what causes poverty in the world with the current improvement in technology. On the cause of poverty, there can be factors such as HIV/AIDS, increase in population, among other factors. I would also like to address how we can end poverty so that we fight world hunger. In ending the world poverty, there are various areas to major in like the world agriculture, which is the main source of revenue in many countries. There are also measures that need to be put in place in order to ensure that the rate of poverty is no more on the increase.
Different aspects in the society cause poverty, which in turn causes the world hunger. I would like to talk about the causes of poverty so that you can have a clue of the solutions you can use to eliminate it. To tell the truth, the first person to end the world poverty would be you. It is very terrifying that about 3 billion people in the world today live on less than $2 dollars a day. I do not know whether anyone have an idea of what this means. This number is equivalent to have the number of the whole population in the world. Who can we blame on this issue? The people or the government? As I had said earlier, one cause of poverty is the increasing trend in the number of people living with HIV/AIDS. Most governments are spending a lot of money in the compaigns to end this world pandemic. In the whole world, about 35 million people are living with HIV/AIDS. If the money used on AIDS was used in eradicating poverty, the world could have been at a better place than it is today. The increased expenditure on HIV is making the governments, and other world orgainisatios to fail in ending poverty. People with this desease cannot work properly to provide for their basic needs and thus have to be dependent on other people (The Hunger Project).
The rising population has also contributed to increased poverty in the world. For example if we base on the employement, the world economy does not have the capacity to employ all the people in the job market. The number of people being born and those completing their education are more than the job vacant available in the market. Thus, the increase in population is increasing the rate of unemployment, therefore contributing to poverty. This group of people causes a rise in the dependant people hence increasing government expendature and reducing the rate of development. There are other causes of poverty, which include cutbacks in health, lack of education, increased economic competition, among other factors.
After looking at the causes of poverty, it is important to consider how we can end poverty in order to reduce the world hunger. The only way of doing this is considering the main sources of income in different countries. One of the main sources of income especially in developing world is agriculture. However, the state of agriculture in these countries requires to be improved in order to fight poverty by increasing the income of the farmers. For example in Gambia, most of the rural people earn their lving as smallholder farmers (Actionaid. 2011). The government should invest in such areas by providing them with the appropriate farm inputs and finding them a ready market for their produce. People should also adopt the current technology in farming to increase their output. Farmers cooperatives also help in cases like borrowing some loan and thus farmers should have cooperative groups so that they can be able to have bargaining power in the market. Most of the farmers are illiterate with the farming methods, and thus need to be trained to acquire good farming skills. You can be sure that this will contribute to the reduction of poverty.
Another way of eradicating poverty is through free trade. A recent study shows that there has been an integral to economic growth in many countries like Japan and China. Free trade, according to Nick Sander, benefits all the participating countries. This means that even if the poorest countries are participating in free trade with the most developed countries, they will still benefit. The developing countries should not shy away entering free trades even with the developed countries.
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Charity cannot fully eradiate poverty because it is a short-term effect. In the recent discussions on poverty eradication, the main target is women and tapping their huge potential. More oftenly, women fall into poverty more than men do, thus constituting majority of people living in poverty. Government leaders need to advocate the elimination of women discrimination. Women should also come out in large numbers to fight for their rights and engage in activities that generate income. Where women have engaged in business, they become the breadwinners. In case there are no enough jobs in the market, people should initiate self-employment instead of wholly depending on the government. Environmental protection is also very improtant in eradicating poverty. People should be provided with sufficient clean supply of water. For example, 1.7 billion people do not have access to clean water and about 2.4 billion suffer from waterborne diseases every year (The Hunger Project). As it has been noted, education is key to development. Now that many countries are offering free education, parents should take their children to school. In many rural areas children still stay at home where in some countries, they are viewed as the source of labor. There is one you need to know; taking children to school is a future investment. People to apply family planning techniques so that they have children they can comfortably raise. Leaders need to have good administration and governance. People should move forward to discourage corruption where a certain group of people use the public resources to benefit themselves. International financial institutions, and the United Nations, among other global organizations have taken initiatives to encourage elimination of poverty by joining efforts in making poverty eradication a central goal of humanity (Singh).
In conclusion, the international community, with the government and other organisations, should form a worldwide alliance needed each year to achieve the international goals. Everyone who has a kind heart should take an initiative into contributing to this money. Therefore the rates of HIV/AIDS should be regulated by increasing campaigns against the disease. Discrimination against women should be a forgotten issue, as everyone is responsible for the improvement of the economy and they have equal capabilities as men. Corruption as one of the major hindrances to development need to be totally eliminated and this should be everyone’s role. Developing countries must engage in free trade with other countries so that they can increase their foreign income and be able to fight poverty. This should ensure that more efforts are put in place to eradicate poverty. Targets should be set for poverty eradication. For example, there are targets that by the yea 2015, the rate of poverty should be reduced by a half. It as been estimated that about $450 billion dollars are People should apply family planning methods so that they can have children that they are able to raise. With all this, the world hunger in the coming years will be a forgotten issue in the world.

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