What is Sensory Deficit disorder?

Sensory deficit (or sensory processing) disorder is recognized as a part of autism spectrum disorders. Doctors do not diagnose it as a separate condition but it comes in a set with other disorders. It happens when the brain hardly recognizes and processes the information it receives through senses. Some people are oversensitive to the objects they encounter. An average light can be overwhelming, a sound can be painful. A touch of clothes irritates their skin. These people often have poor coordination, bump into objects, and cannot tell where their limbs are in space.
Manifestations of sensory processing disorder in children can be quite different. Some of them are overresponsive. – They scream when touched and vomit food with inappropriate texture. Some others can, on the contrary, be unresponsive to anything around them. Such kids may not respond even to extreme temperatures or pain. Tantrums are common in children with SPD. They usually happen in healthy kids too, and therapists pay closer attention only when the severity of symptoms disrupts everyday life of children.
The causes of SPD are unclear. Some researchers say that hypersensitivity is a genetic problem. They also found that children show an inadequate response when exposed to several stimuli at a time. Sensory disorders can be treated by helping children cope with difficult situations and unpleasant objects. Sensory integration is created individually to suit individual needs of a child.

What is the physical effect of stress and anxiety?

Being distressed is a common feeling for many people. All of us have duties and responsibilities, and our quality of life greatly depends on how well we do our job. Day after day, human existence is filled with all kinds of stressors – happy, sad, dramatic, and challenging events. Sometimes we ignore them, another time they crash us emotionally at least. But it is no secret, stress has physical manifestation too.
Have you ever noticed difficulty eating, sleeping, or even breathing at the end of a hard working day? When there remains nothing to be anxious about, people can still feel sick. Someone feels like they have not eaten the whole day, another one has strong nausea from a mere sight of food. Panic attacks often leave us short of breath. Even in a while, we can still feel dizziness, as if the room has little air.
To common physical symptoms of a stress also belong muscle pain and a disturbed intestinal motility. Constipation is a common sign of chronic stress for many people, and increased anxiety is often followed by the excessive bowel movement. The digestive system is most sensitive to stress in many people. Much fewer of us can also feel exhaustion in body and muscle pain. Sometimes it is a radiating pain that is not caused by any of existing dysfunctions.
Patients with a complication of anxiety disorder often get more serious consequences than being temporary unwell. Anxiety increases the risk of coronary disease, and patients develop diabetes more often than people without a mental dysfunction.

How do doctors treat soldiers with post-traumatic stress syndrome?

Physical and emotional traumas are unavoidable for people who stand in the front line. As veterans come back home, families are most interested in their men having emotional and informational detox. Many of them are deeply shaken and cannot peacefully function in the civil society anymore.
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder is characterized by intrusive memories, trouble sleeping and nightmares, avoidance, and manifesting an inadequate physical or emotional reaction. Suicidal thoughts may occur as veterans recall traumatic events. Before discussing the treatment options, we shall say that families must be highly attentive taking care of their men. Veterans often deny being unwell as they have used to feeling so for a long time. So the family is expected to react to severe changes and ask a medical provider for help if necessary.
After a physician has conducted a physical examination and a psychological check, they can diagnose PTSD and, most importantly, define its severity. Trauma-focused psychotherapies are the most highly-recommended treatment for the condition. These are counseling sessions that involve visualizing and talking about the traumatic event. The patient learns how to gain control over their feelings with the help of the prolonged exposure, cognitive processing therapy, or eye-movement desensitization. There are other types of trauma-focused therapy that allow to practice relaxation and to change the distressing memories.
No treatment can do without medication, especially, post-traumatic stress disorder. Sertraline, paroxetine, fluoxetine, and venlafaxine are the most effective antidepressants used to cope with the decreased chemical interchange that happens during a depression. Medication must be chosen individually taking into account counter-indications and possible side effects.

What causes some women to have postpartum depression?

Unlike baby blues that happen in the first weeks after the childbirth, postpartum depression is a serious condition that lasts for months. The symptoms are similar for both states – the mother feels sad, helpless, and worthless. Postpartum depression, however, does not pass on its own. In some cases, depression turns into postpartum psychosis, and the woman becomes dangerous to herself and others.
Postpartum depression is a clear sign that chemical interaction is severely disturbed and the brain does not process all the hormones it needs. The change in hormone level is to blame for a miserable state of the mother. It takes place in every healthy woman, though not each develops postpartum depression. The ones with a family history of mental diseases and with unstable mental health are at risk. Miscarriage or stillbirth increase the risk of depression.
There is no special way to diagnose postpartum depression. Doctors usually do a brief physical examination and rely mostly on emotional symptoms. In the result, many patients can do well with counseling. Some women get antidepressants yet while they breastfeed. Daily exercise and sufficient night sleep can also help.
As a mental illness, postpartum depression is backed by worries, fears, or traumatic events that happened during or after the pregnancy. Complicated delivery or having a sick baby can be the causes for worry. And there are much more things that trigger anxiety in pregnant women. Loss of job, lack of social interaction and family support as well as being a perfectionist type can bring much room for anxiety.

Why do children need to play?

If one asked what a child should do yet in the 90s, we would naturally answer – play. A play has been a truly childish business at all times, but today we start to think it over. There is so much information around that we take it children have to learn reading, writing, and math as early as possible. What is the point of wasting time playing when little kids are so susceptible to learning new things?
In fact, pediatricians and psychiatrists insist that a play is an integral part of the happy childhood. Play helps kids boost their memory, regulate emotions, participate in the group, and develop academic skills. A play is the easiest way to let children develop and feel great – as simple as that. Children do not have to read or count to build new neural connections.
In times of increased demands and responsibilities, an unstructured free play time is especially important to little kids. A play is the time to let down their feelings and desires. It is the time to build connections and role relationships with others. A play removes stress and prepares children for a small class. We shall not forget that children in primary school are very energetic and impulsive and it is impossible to make them sit for hours in the room.
A play with siblings or neighbor children is especially important in the digital age. Today kids have little access to other kids, which does not let them build imagination and exchange roles. Playing with others, children resolve conflicts, make decisions, and make a compromise. At the same time, they rest, entertain themselves, and have fun.

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